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The MOVEMENT: Bridging Barriers

The purpose of this movement is an excellent opportunity for our children to develop early approaches in life, understanding who you are and what you can do through oratorical, social etiquette, mentoring, fun conversations, social outings, and much more. 

Nevertheless, to engage our community in Educational Outreach Services that will provide an innovative approach and a learning tool to aid each participant's life choice(s) from secondary to post-secondary (after high school). 


Are you ready to be a part of this momentum MOVEMENT? If you are, you are at the right place. Orientation is on December 3, 2023,—12 PM - 2 PM Where: Online (Goole Meet or Zoom) TBA. To attend and join this meaningful program, sign up below. As follows, you can see some educational learning opportunities in store for you, so TELL-a-FRIEND-2TELL-a-FRIEND about this exciting MOVEMENT!!!

What "R" We Doing?

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The Movement

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