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Fees Policies & Services

Fees, Policies, and Payments


Bridging the GAP Educational Services has established the following fees for the services we offer in the continental US and payment service for service of interest. If you would like to make a payment, you can do so, by paying with all major Credit Cards, Debit Card with the Visa/Master Card logo; to include Bank and Prepaid/Reward Cards. In addition, to any pay over time third-party method offered per the BGES service method of payment.. 


Fees and Payment

All fees are paid and accepted online using any of the above methods of payment or over the phone with a BGES administrator. All major credit cards and debit cards are accepted with the company logo.


Cancellation and Refund

BGES reserve the right to refuse cancellations after 24 hours of charge. Learners may cancel services up to 24 hours after purchase. Once the deadline has past, all services are final.


Service cancellation received prior to the deadline is eligible for a refund less a $10 service fee.


The learner may contact a BGES representative during normal business hours or send an email for cancellation purposes. If sending an email, the request must meet the time frame of the cancellation period.


Refunds will be credited back to the original card with the company logo used for payment.


The refund process can take up to 5-7 business days.



BGES is an online educational service organization offering educational services from an Educational Outreach perspective. BGES service K to 12th grade. Please contact BGES for services offered. BGES services are offered online(electronic devices,  via phone, and face to face.


At BGES, we adhere to Learner/Client confidentiality. Also, we maintain confidentiality awareness through employee training and strict compliance adherence. BGES only shares your information with the service application you have selected. BGES do not provide personal information to third-party unless a written sign statement is on file honoring third-party permission or on a recorded line via phone service(s) and or both.


Note: This site is not affiliated with the Department of Education, GAFUTURES, or any other Federal and State agency. BGES provides educational services to secondary and post-secondary applicants with certain restrictions. The applications offered on BGES website can be filed for free, without BGES assistance at and each state educational site mentioned on BGES site. When assisting learners with any third party applications, BGES is not responsible for information authorized on the behalf of the learner. The learner will have to contact the third-party servicer for any discrepancy with the application (if any), unless that discrepancy was on BGES behalf. If so, the learner will have to give BGES authorization to speak on their behalf.


Bridging the Gap Educational services offer free and fee-based educational assistance with free general FAQ's service to what is being offered by BGES. BGES services are not affiliated with the Department of Education and are designed to Bridge the Gap by aiding individuals' successful learning (matriculation and retention) experience at the Secondary and Post-secondary levels.


Before service starts, terms and agreement must be adhered to and all payments must be paid in full unless your service is considered a term selection.


Very Important:

BGES does not determine aid eligibility, your eligibility status is determined at the Federal and State level , in-addition to the Higher Education Institution of choice.


BGES application process. Each learner must have the pertinent information needed to complete the Federal and State applications. The processes offered are manual, and will either be A). assisted over the phone with you or you may B).electronically send over the documents needed to have BGES to assist in the application process with you. Please contact BGES for additional information.


In addition, BGES does not administer certified tutorial assessments; however, BGES will issue each interested learner a survey tool to assess each learner skill-set in the requested subject area. Please be advised, there is a minimum of 2 hours of tutorial services. Also, BGES request a 48 hours notice to allow each Tutoring Support Specialist to help each learner harmoniously. However, learners may select an hour of tutoring. Please be mindful, the session may not be as helpful as a two hour session.


For additional fees, policies, and payments, visit BGES Privacy page or inquire with a BGES administrator.


Make a Payment online or.........


Contact us today at (706) 623-3864 or email for more information.


*Your use of service by BGES indicates your acknowledgment of an agreement to BGES Service/Terms of Use and Operation, per the organization site, phone, or any electronic device. BGES service is not free to all, some of BGES services are fee-based according to eligibility. 

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